We are delighted to announce that permissions to stock carp into Spinnaker Lake and undertake bankside repairs have been granted so we can begin the development and maintenance of this fantastic water.

The agreement from Natural England allows stocking of 100 fish in two phases, the first 50 fish during 2021, the second 50 during 2022. For the initial stocking the club have been granted permission to explore Ivy Lake, with netting permitted to investigate the potential for transferring fish from this water into Spinnaker. It is unknown what the outcome of this will be. Carefully selected, reared fish will be purchased to ensure the full allocation of 50 fish is fulfilled once this avenue has been explored. The 2022 stocking will be of entirely reared fish. We are resolute that we will achieve the maximum stocking permitted, using carefully selected fish which will form the bedrock of this wonderful venue for generations.

During the most recent discussions in regards to repairs to swims and general maintenance a number of members offered their services to help out. We have a note of names and email addresses so will contact you directly to see if you can still help. We expect the maintenance to be completed under guidance of the subgroup established last year ahead of lockdown. An informal meeting will be announced in due course, hopefully during April. Anyone who can help will be very welcome, some work will involve digging and moving materials, some simply trimming swims and the lake pathway so something for all abilities.

We are sure all members will be relieved to hear that we have finally got the green light for this work, which has been many years in the planning. A special mention needs to be made to our Vice Chairman, Brian, whose diligence in building relationships with all relevant parties and gaining their approval and cooperation has been immense.