With the cooler weather and slightly quieter venues, we are cracking on with some development work at a couple of venues. Please see below for details.


A new stock pond has been created on site which we will use for growing on crucians and tench in the future. This should enable us to manage stock much more effectively, harvesting the smallest fish and re-introducing them into the pools once they have sufficiently developed. 

The middle pond has been drained and we will be removing all the invasive weed that has inhibited fishing there over previous seasons. The water has been pumped to the bottom pond, topping up the water level there which was getting very low. It is envisaged that the middle pond will remain out of action for the winter.


Work is underway to repair the banks of the top pond and ensure it remains as accessible in the longterm as the other two ponds on the complex. To facilitate this, temporary closures will be put in place on sections of this pond. We will update you as and when these are planned, the first will see the right hand bank closed on Friday 14th October. A digger will be on site and there is likely to be some disturbance. 

Many thanks for your patience as we improve our waters for the benefit of all members.