We have recently secured permission for members to take a dog when fishing on Spinnaker Lake. Please read the full conditions below and ensure that you follow these regulations to the letter!

One dog per member.

Dogs are only be allowed on owned stillwaters (Hucklesbrook, Holtwood and Wedgehill) with a 12 month tril currently underway on Spinnaker Lake.

No dogs on any river sections.

Dogs must be on a lead at ALL times.

The use of long extending leads is not allowed.

All dog mess must be cleared up and taken away from the fishery.

No dog that is considered to be a dangerous breed will be allowed. Dogs must be under full control at all times.

A dog permit is required at £20 per year (these are available from the club office)

If you need to exercise your dog around the fishery it must always be on a lead and under control.

The member fishing must not leave his rods in the water unattended.

Dogs may not swim in the pond/lake.

Any breach of these rules will result in your dog permit being removed. The committee reserve the right to withdraw the scheme at any time for all dog permit holders.