At our annual AGM, a number of fish welfare issues were raised by members and debated by all attendees. Indicative polls of those present were taken and the committee agreed to consider the views of the majority during further discussions. Having done so, the club are now announcing the following changes:

‘The Twig’ – this new device is banned on all our waters with immediate effect.

Live baiting – the use of any live fish for the purpose of predator angling will be banned from the start of the 23/24 season (June 16th 2024).

Keepnets – the use of  keepnets on all waters (outside of club matches) will be banned from June 16th 2024. During club matches, officials will be in hand to immediately weigh any fish deemed unsuitable to be placed in a keepnet (based around our existing rules) and the regularly weighing of small fish in keep nets will be implemented to ensure no fish is retained for the 3 or 5 hour match duration.

The Frome at Waddock – starting in the 23/24 season, coarse fishing will not begin on the main river until October 15th 2024. This start date will then remain in place for subsequent season, meaning the river will become a fly only venue for 7 months of the year.

In making these changes, the committee have taken into account 2 main factors: the majority views of the members we represent and best practice for fish welfare. We (are sure that some will be disappointed, maybe angry. Some members may decide to leave the club as a result. We realise these changes will not be welcome by all but it is our responsibility to do all we can to protect our precious fish stocks and evolve our rules & regulations to remain a modern, progressive club. 

Many thanks,

The committee.