River Frome at Waddock Farm

A mile long stretch of wonderful chalkstream fishing situated less than a mile downstream of our Tincleton Fishery.

Very lightly fished until 2023, this water has never been in the portfolio of any club or syndicate.

With specimen grayling the main quarry during the colder months, there are also a smattering of coarse fish along with the usual game and migratory species that inhabit the river. 

It is quite a walk to the upper reaches from our car parks. Members are encouraged to travel light and enjoy a roaming approach. 

Fishing Times

1 hour before sunset to 1 hour hour after sunset

Coarse: 16th June – 14th March

Sunrise to sunset

Salmon: 1st March – 31st August (catch & release, fly only)

Sea Trout: 15th April – 31st October (fly only)

Brown Trout: 1st April – 15th October (catch & release, fly only)

Lures for pike: 1st October – 31st January (wire trace compulsory)


Please see rule book for all rules and regulations