As part of our ongoing fishery improvement and project work we have further development planned for Hucklesbrook Lake. Last autumn we employed a team of specialists to conduct a stock analysis at the venue. The netting was a success and was also backed up with electro fishing as well. We found that there was a good mix of fish with some lovely young commons which have been home grown in the lake – a testament to the effectiveness of the predation control measures we have in place. The netting also revealed a healthy population of roach, perch and tench spanning many year groups. However, the overall head of carp was slightly lower than expected and members have noted that tench sport has been slower for the last couple of seasons than in recent years.

Therefore, we drew up a stocking policy in conjunction with fishery management consultants. Winter 2020 saw 30 C4 mirror carp stocked into the water. We have now ordered a further 30 C4 mirror carp (from a different bloodline) to be stocked late this year, along with 100 tench averaging 4lb. To offset this increase in biomass we plan to remove a large number of the small silverfish that have exploded in number over the past 5-10 years. This will also be conducted in Winter 2021.

We are also liaising with a number of contractors to undertake rebuilding of the vast majority of swims around the lake. Various construction methods are being looked into to improve safety at the waters edge, increase the comfort of anglers and reduce seasonal flooding that restricts access during the winter months.

This work will have no bearing on our plans for other venues. We will update on all developments in due course.