Last month we employed a team to conduct a stock analysis at Hucklesbrook. The netting was a success and was also backed up with electro fishing as well. We found that there was a good mix of fish with some lovely young commons which have been home grown in the lake – a testament to the effectiveness of the predation control measures we have in place.

After consulting the netting company and VS Fisheries it was felt that the introduction of some young C4 mirrors would do the water good, this with advice on feeding the lake should enable us to move forward and hopefully see some larger specimens coming out in the future. Although we have introduced fish over the years the first stocking was before the otter fencing, the next was some donated fish and then a small number more recently. As pointed out to us some of those fish sadly will have died through natural causes or predation.

Taking on this advice, we are pleased to announce that on Sunday 15th November 2020 Simon Scott from VS Fisheries arrived with his partner to deliver 30 Stunning fish. These fish are only 3 1/2 years old and are already in double figures. They ranged from 10lb up to over 13lb with a majority being in that 11-13lb range. We were also luck that Simon also included a much sort after fish a true Leather Carp , he did this at no extra cost even though he normally gets a premium price for them . We will be implementing the feeding advice and hope to see the results come through. One of his C4 fish he stocked in another water last year gained almost 10lb in one year so they are growers!!

I am sure you will all agree from the small selection of photos they are great looking fish. The netting also revealed a healthy population of roach, perch and tench spanning many year groups. Several members have noted that tench sport has been slower this season than in recent years, we aim to supplement the tench stocks in the near future once we have sourced suitable fish.