Ibsley Pools

This is a beautiful complex of three very attractive pools nestled between the Hampshire Avon and Ibsley Stream.
Although relatively small the three waters can provide great sport for any angler with specimen carp, tench and perch among the species on offer. Backed up by pike, roach and rudd this really is a lovely spot to spend some time.

Crowe and Tomkins contain the larger carp with commons up to 28lb 12oz reported from the former and over 30lb from the latter. Tench to 7lb can also be targeted here too, along with pike into double figures.

Edward’s has a larger head of slightly smaller fish, with high doubles possible. The vast shoals of silverfish in here have helped the perch present grow to over 3lbs and kept a small head of good pike well fed!

A lot of work has been carried out to clear the inlet flows and restore many original swims after a period of uncertainty over the long-term future of the complex. With this now secure we will be looking at further improvement work in the near future.