Fishing at Manor Farm will resume on Saturday 12th February. Access codes are on our club forum or you can call the bailiff’s phone (number on membership cards and rule books) to hear a recorded message.

We are delighted to have agreed a lease with the new owners of Manor Farm which will enable our members access to the venue again. This is a short term, rolling agreement with no confirmed end date. Once the developers deem access to be unsafe for H&S reasons they retain the right to issue us a month’s notice to again cease our access.

We are awaiting confirmation of gate codes which we will publish on our forum, at which point access and parking will be as previous. This should be just a matter of days away.

Huge kudos is due to our Secretary, Steve, for his relentless pursuit of securing this agreement. People have had restraining orders issued against them for sending off far fewer communiques than he has in the last couple of months!