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The following regulation changes have been suggested by members of the club. We now put it to the membership on the basis that a simple majority vote will decide the outcome of each proposal. If a suggestion is voted against, then the current regulation/s will remain in place.

To vote via email, please reply with numbers 1-5 followed by the word Yes or No adjacent to each to admin@christchurchac.org.uk using VOTE as your email title.

Alternatively, members can vote in person at Hurn Bridge Sports Club on Sunday 22nd October at 14:00.

1. Proposal: that keepnets be banned on all club waters, except during authorised matches. Yes/No

2. Proposal: That the use of live fish as bait be banned on all Club waters. Yes/ No

3. Proposal: That bait boats be allowed on Spinnaker Lake. Yes/ No

4. Proposal: That All Members when fishing Hucklesbrook & Spinnaker Lakes be in possession of a 42in landing net. Yes/No

5. Proposal: That all members when fishing Hucklesbrook Lake, Spinnaker Lake & Ibsley Pools be in possession of a walled unhooking mat or cradle, not simply a flat mat. Yes/No

Online votes must be cast prior to 16:00 on Sunday 22nd October all follow the format set out above.

Voting is open to current CAC members only. Any member attempting to vote more than once will have their votes declared null & void.


Christchurch Angling Club, PO Box 9183, Christchurch, BH23 9JW