All at the club were saddened to hear that Honouree Life Member, Keith Hall, passed away early on Tuesday morning, November 9th 2021 of pneumonia. Keith was a former club secretary for almost 25 years.

His funeral will be held on Monday, November 29th, 2021, at 12:15 pm. The service will be held at the small Chapel at Bournemouth Crematorium in Strouden Avenue.

His good friend, Sam Denley, sent us these words,

‘Keith was extremely proud of Christchurch Angling Club and his position as Secretary. It was a major part of his life and he, likewise, a major player in the club’s history. I know he worked hard at fostering good relations with land owners, river keepers, other clubs and the governing authorities, building the club’s reputation as a caring organisation actively involved in the health of our waterways and the promotion of angling. He believed that the club had access to some of the finest fishing in the country, both coarse and game and equally some of the best “working members” dedicated in helping develop the venues for everyone.

He loved the Avon but also he was especially proud of Holtwood Pools. That scrappy, wild, boggy collection of little clay pits, slap bang next to that noisy brickworks, thick with weed, tatty lily pads, and the trees, trees growing right in and across the ponds, like a mangrove swamp…unbelievable. If I remember rightly it contained some pretty exotic goldfish and the most beautiful, jewel like crucians of burnished bronze set with garnet red fins. He was proud how the club developed that unpromising wilderness, then over the years continued to develop and improve it creating the delightful little fishery, and wonderful club asset, it is today.

I was privileged to share in Keith’s autumn fishing years and we would invariably gravitate to Holtwood, its wildlife, especially the singing toads, and those elusive, gorgeous Crucians.’

It is people like Keith who made and maintain our club as the wonderful entity it is. We offer our deepest condolences to his friends and family.