Bailiffs are reporting incidents where members have either not read the regulation which outlines casting within your swim or are ignoring it.
Regulation 1.11 is there to ensure members do not overcast and interfere with anglers fishing the next door swim or opposite. This is particularly important on venues like Hucklesbrook where the swims are clearly marked but due to the layout it is possible for anglers to encroach on other swims. Please read the regulation and follow the guidance, as stated if in doubt speak to whoever is fishing close to you to make sure you won’t overcast each other. 
One specific point, you cannot cast across swims in any circumstances. As an example across the day swim to fish the margins even though this swim is unoccupied overnight. It seems anglers are very keen to fish the snags next to this swim. The same of course applies to any unoccupied swim. 
Keep within the regulation please, the bailiffs will be delighted and won’t have to ask anglers to leave a fishery or ask the committee to extend an invitation to attend one of the monthly meeting to explain why they are disregarding our fishery regulations.