Terms and conditions of membership

  1. I accept that by joining/Renewing a membership of  Christchurch Angling Club , I am  joining a Club and as such accept the Club is not a commercial enterprise and therefore accept, I am not buying any services. As a member I am aware I am joining along with the rest of the members on an equal basis to access the fisheries available within the club which may change without notice. I agree that there is no refund due if fishing has to be limited or suspended on club waters for any reason.
  • I accept should I decide to take the option to pay my membership on a monthly basis then I am joining on the same basis as a member who pays upfront, and I am fully aware and accept I am  committing for the full year’s membership ; I undertake to make sure all payments are completed for the full year membership. I agree that no refunds are due even if I decide not to fish all through the year.
  • I fully understand that my membership must be renewed by the expiry date of the previous years membership and that I will not be allowed to access any of the club’s waters to look round or fish until I have completed my renewal.
  • I accept to abide by the rules set out in the rule’s handbook without question.
  • I accept that I am able to join the Facebook social media page and agree that any rude or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and I may be removed from the page at any time.
  • I agree I must carry my membership card with me at all times when on club waters and accept that the official club bailiffs may ask to see the card which I agree to present upon request.