Despite repeated requests and reaffirming of the regulations we are still getting members on fisheries, particularly Wedgehill, without unhooking mats.

These are a vital part of every angler’s kit!

We will now require every member found without a mat to leave the fishery and we will be making a note of their details. Any repeat offenders will have their membership cards withheld by our bailiffs and be suspended from the club pending disciplinary action, the process of which is documented in our rule book.

This will also apply to all matches. Every entrant must have an unhooking mat and mats MUST be used at the weighing in process (the club have provided x2 mats for this process). We will be asking match organisers to check that each entrant has a mat during the draw, those without shall not be permitted to enter.

As venues are remaining open to all members during matches, bailiffs will also be present as usual and match anglers/pleasure anglers are expected to follow the same rules, with the same consequences for not doing so.

There will be no exceptions. Ignorance is no excuse for failure to safeguard the welfare of fish.