28th February

We are pleased to report that the works at Wainsford over the weekend have been completed, apart from a bit of chipping.

The fishery is now back open .

Please take care as there are a lot of muddy areas and also some soft areas near the root plates of the trees that have righted themselves after being cut . Finally, please stick to the pathways round the lake.

21st February

Important Information

There has been a significant fall of large trees at the venue, one across the car park and others across paths. It is unsafe at the moment for member’s access and with the expected high winds this week others weakened already may well fall. With immediate affect the fishery is closed for member’s safety.

We are arranging professional help to safely remove the fallen trees and debris. Please keep away even to just have a look. We hope to be able to deal with this if we have some settled time during the week and next weekend when it looks like the weather will have settled down. Thank you.