Wedgehill Middle Pond New Regulations.

This notice is to inform members that as of 1st March 2021 some new regulations will come into force for members fishing the middle pond.

  • Maximum line strength, 8lbs.
  • Maximum hook size, 10.
  • Maximum lead 1oz, or small method feeder.
  • The use of electronic bite alarms is not permitted.
  • Only one rod/pole to be used at all times of the year.

The committee have felt it necessary to do this because over the past few months there has been an increase of members fishing “full blown” carp style with powerful rods, heavy line, big hooks etc. The size of the carp in this pond do not need this sort of tackle and we hope that by putting these new regulations into place they will benefit the health and welfare of the carp.  

The committee would also ask that members be considerate as to where they cast towards and to keep it under halfway across the pond. 

Lastly a polite reminder that all of the ponds at Wedgehill have, in places, a narrow path around them and they are not suited to the use of bivvy type shelters, a simple umbrella is more than adequate for day time fishing. 

These new regulations will be reviewed on a regular basis since they are in place to protect the fish stock and to make your fishing more enjoyable and peaceful.

**An update for those who concentrate on the specimen Perch if you are fishing by drop shot, jigg head, lures or with live bait regular accepted hook sizes for these rigs are acceptable. Additionally if you are using braid (methods above except live bait) regularly used breaking strains are ok too. I emphasis the relaxing of the hook and line breaking strains are for these methods only. Of course braided mainline is not permitted for any other method on any of the ponds**

The Committee.