A fantastic effort from our Rivers Manager, Adrian, along with committee members, work party volunteers and the Winkton River Keeper saw the path running along the old river transformed on the final weekend before the river coarse season begins. Huge thanks to all involved for their hard work.

The club are always keen to attract more volunteers for work parties. If you can spare any time and want to get involved, please email the office.

Adrian said,

“Path repair works at Upper Winkton were originally planned for the May Bank Holiday weekend, but delayed by Covid. However, this weekend, we managed to get them completed just in time for ‘the off’.
It was a joint project between the Landowner and Club. Steve and Ian put in hours of revetment work during ‘lockdown’, using large logs to reinforce the bank where it had been worn or flooded. It was then ‘just’ a matter of laying 20 tons of material to raise path levels,
The Team got stuck in and, despite one of the machines shedding a track, finished the job ahead of schedule. Well done and thanks to all.”