Canford Bridge – Dorset Stour

A relatively short but productive stretch of the Stour. In the fields just above and below Canford Bridge the river is slow and deep and suffers from little angling pressure. Extensive reeds downstream of the bridge do limit access in some places. Upstream and beside the bridge, the main flow is along the near bank giving good scope for float fishing, which can be productive in the autumn and winter for roach.

There is a superb head of perch and pike present throughout the stretch. Big roach are also a target species and there are large shoals of dace. Chub are rarer in this area although common just a few hundred yards upstream where the river shallows. The Leaze stretch runs along the opposite bank. Salmon and sea trout have both been reported in the previous 12 months.
The club own this stretch and it is very lightly fished.