Dudsbury Golf Course – Dorset Stour

This is a very productive stretch of river famed for the specimen chub and barbel it produces. Chub over 8lb and barbel over 17lb are present, backed up by double figure bream, large carp, pike over 20lb and specimen roach and perch.

The fishery contains two weirs and a large island, the latter accessible in summer levels with swims around the perimeter. There are both gravel shallows and deep glides which offer the opportunity to fish in any style you prefer. With reeds, bulrushes, lillies and ranunculus present in various areas along the stretch there are a whole host of swims to target from the fast runs where chub and barbel are often spotted to the deeper, slower slacks where large perch, pike and carp reside.

In the summer fish can often be stalked with the large shoals of chub willing to respond to baiting of likely spots in the shallower reaches. Come winter the high banks maintain good access and the many areas sheltered from the main flow can offer great sport in even the most challenging of conditions.

The very top of the stretch faces a short area of free fishing on the far bank, below the first weir it faces the famous Manor Farm stretch.