Little Canford – Dorset Stour

River Stour Little Canford Map

Another very lightly fished stretch of the Stour. This venue is best suited to an agile, roving approach. Fishing can be challenging in some areas but the rewards can be can be well worth the effort. Although fairly weedy in summer the fish can be located and tempted from the shallow gravels runs beneath the ranunculus. During the autumn and winter months many more swims become easier to access.

The stretch holds a large head of chub averaging almost 5lb with some specimens weighing well over 7lb reported. There are also some huge barbel present. Although not a large head of these the average size is approaching 10lb and reports of fish far bigger than that have been received previously. There are also specimen roach, perch and pike present with grayling and brown trout adding to the sport on offer.

A path runs along the bank making access very good. This is a beautiful venue with many enticing deep holes amongst the shallow runs offering a huge array of swims and choices for the visiting angler.