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Offering the finest fishing available across a stunning portfolio of venues.

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Whatever discipline of fishing you enjoy, we offer some of the most productive and picturesque venues available. From chalk streams rich with barbel, chub and specimen roach & pike to stillwaters holding 50lb+ carp, double figure tench and 4lb+ perch, we have all aspects of coarse fishing covered.

If migratory fish are your preference we have numerous stretches of the Hampshire Avon, Dorset Stour and Frome where salmon and sea trout are caught each year. Specimen grayling and brown trout also present in many stretches and, in addition, we offer the game enthusiast a regularly-stocked three lake trout complex.

 Access to all is covered by the same, single membership and all hold the potential to produce even bigger specimens in the future.

Have a look around, enjoy the footage we have of many of our fisheries and feel free to send us any questions.




Latest News

Night Fishing Update

Night Fishing Update

Following careful monitoring of the take up of night tickets we are pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, the temporary restrictions have been lifted. The usual policy of 5 on 2 off is now back in place. All members must book on for each night via the usual...

Spinnaker Lake News

Spinnaker Lake News

We are delighted to announce that permissions to stock carp into Spinnaker Lake and undertake bankside repairs have been granted so we can begin the development and maintenance of this fantastic water. The agreement from Natural England allows stocking of 100 fish in...

Hucklesbrook Developments

Hucklesbrook Developments

As part of our ongoing fishery improvement and project work we have further development planned for Hucklesbrook Lake. Last autumn we employed a team of specialists to conduct a stock analysis at the venue. The netting was a success and was also backed up with electro...