Sopley Main River

The main river at Sopley runs from the divergence of the mill stream and spans the entirety of the left bank downstream (approximately 2km) until it meets the boundary of the Mill Stream Fishery, just above the confluence of both waters. Although parts of this length were fished up until a few seasons ago, the 2015/16 season is the first time in many years that the whole of ‘Sopley Island’ is available to anglers.

Large chub and barbel are the dominant species with dace, roach and very large pike also present. Carp and bream also frequent the stretch which has deep glides, gravel bars, overhanging trees and plenty of lush ranunculus under which the fish can often be spotted.

The water is nestled in an SSSI and boasts a wonderful array of wildlife in a stunning setting. A day here is a unique and rare opportunity to explore the untapped potential the venue holds.

Please note – access to the lower end of the stretch can get quite boggy with a couple of small carriers to pass through. Waders or wellington boots are usually required in some places.