The Leaze – Dorset Stour

A very lightly fished stretch of river which contains some very good fish. A roving approach can produce results as there is a lot of water to cover. The extra effort can be well worth it to reach some lovely trotting swims, which are rarely targeted.

This stretch holds a large variety of species with a small head of very large barbel predominatly found in the upper half of the stretch. The chub go to over 7lb, roach to over 2lb, perch to over 3lb, good dace and some very large pike are also present. In addition, brown trout, sea trout and salmon have all been caught along the stretch by coarse anglers.

There are some lovely, deep holes below Julian’s Bridge before the water shallows and large gravel runs harbour great stalking opportunities between the ranunculus. The water then deepens off and continues downstream to where the Canford Bridge stretch begins on the opposite bank. The River Allen enters at the bottom boundary where some great pike, roach and perch can be located.

The venue gets very little footfall and vegetation growth can impede access during the summer.