Tincleton – River Frome

This fishery consists of approx 1000 metres of the main river and 950 metres of a smaller carrier. Fishing on the carrier can be difficult due to the fence that runs along its length, but still offers some good fishing. Similarly, don’t be put off by the trees and bushes just downstream of the bridge on the main river. Walk a hundred yards or two around these and the banks are clear, right to the bottom boundary.

For the game fisherman, wild brown trout and grayling are the main quarry, offering classic long trotting for grayling during the winter months with fish reaching in excess of 3lbs caught each year. Sea trout are known to be present, together with the occasional salmon, but are rarely reported.

Access is over a barbed wire fence, and via a number of stiles – which together with some steep banks dictates that some care is needed, although the fishing is generally well worth the effort. In addition, there is a bridge, which is damaged, and due for repair, and – in the interim – great care should be exercised if this is used.

Although a little off the beaten track, this venue is well worth a visit, not only for the fishing on offer, but for the beautiful surroundings, birds and wildlife. It really is a beautiful stretch of picturesque chalk stream.