Wedgehill Ponds

Three very well stocked ponds containing carp, tench, roach, rudd and specimen perch. An abundance of marginal lily beds and islands in each lake provide plenty of features to target. Excellent access and wooden platforms in most swims make the lakes suitable for all in this lovely woodland setting. In 2018-19 the banks were rebuilt, new paths and platforms created and the whole venue fenced providing excellent access for all. We permit the use of one rod only between 15th March – 31st October. Two rods are permitted at other times.

Top Pond: Carp to 18lb, perch to 4lb 3oz and lots of silver fish constitute the main species present. There are fewer smaller carp than the middle lake here although a good head of double figure fish. Two islands provide an interesting mix of swims.

Middle Pond: A ‘commercial’ style water. This is now a great ‘bagging’ water with large bags of 8-15lb carp often taken along with perch and silver fish. Roach to 2lb are present. The match record stands at well over 100lb

Bottom Pond: Tench, perch, bream and silvers are the target here. This is being developed as a carp-free water allowing anglers to fish lighter tackle and target other species. The perch approach 4lb.