Waddock Lakes

A complex of 14 lakes and a mile long stretch of the River Frome that remained relatively unfished between the landowner ceasing angling on the complex in 2007 and the club regaining the rights in 2023. The stock levels are relatively unknown with the venue currently offering ‘wild fishing’ for members to explore and catch the resident large carp, bream, silver fish and pike residing within.

We will be reviewing stock levels and completing wildlife fencing over the coming months. From this, we will be creating longterm plans to devlop the waters with all disciplines of fishing to be catered for, including a new trout lake.

Daytime fishing times are 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset. This means entry & exit times. Night fishing is available via the usual methods of booking on, all persons onsite outside of the daytime fishing hours need to be in possession of a permit for that night. If night fishing, please keep noise to a minimum.

Allanglers are required to sign in at the fishery hut on arrival. We would appreciate all catch reports to be added to gauge stock levels.

Main Rules

Stillwater fishing is open all year

Fishing for pike is 1st October – 14th March inclusive only

Barbless/micro-barbed hooks only

Multiple rod butts must be within 3 metres of each other

Bailiffs are permitted to conduct rig checks at any time

Please see your rule book for all other rules and regulations