Dear members

The club are assisting Bisterne Estate in building a comprehensive history of the fishery at Winkton.

Whilst the estate has many papers and some old maps,  they are lacking in photographic history.

What we would ask is for all members to have a look through their old dusty photograph albums and dig out any photos they have of the venue.

We have already had leads of some photos from within the committee, but we need as many as possible.

I hope we can find lots of photos so we can help build this history not only for the estate but also so the rest of the members who may not remember it can have a look with interest as well.

If anybody has any photos, they can either contact myself on 07740 30 7529 or if you’re really tech minded and can scan them and email them in to the club office then that would be great. Anybody that doesn’t have that facility we will be happy to copy them and return your photos back to you.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to seeing what we can dig up.

Kind regards

Russell Shaw

Chairman CAC