We’ve created this rolling log to keep you up to date on the very latest news on the resumption of angling across ourwaters.

15th May

A limited number of tickets are now bookable for members to fish Spinnaker Lake during the day. Please book these on our booking page of the website.

13th May

The good news is that night fishing can officially continue, this means our interim ticketing policy will stay in place for the near future. Night tickets are bookable on Hucklesbrook, Spinnaker & Ibsley. Due to the high demand we are keeping day fishing at Hucklesbrook on the booking system and will be adding a small number of daytime tickets for Spinnaker also.

All are bookable by members on our website up to 2 days in advance. We ask night anglers to arrive after noon on the first day of their session & leave before noon on their final day. This ensures new arrivals have a good choice of swims. Day anglers can fish between the usual, listed times (see your map book/our website for details). All other fisheries (still waters and river game stretches) are open to fish as you please, providing you hold the relevant EA license. They haven’t been too busy, we only had 3 anglers at Wainsford today.

Please familiarise yourself with our COVID regulations before heading out (details below).

Many thanks for your patience as we tweak things to ensure all members have access to the venues they want to fish in a fair manner. 

12th May

Our Chairman has recorded a message to all our members ahead of our stillwaters reopening on Wednesday. Please view it before heading on to any of our waters. It can be found here:

Message from our Chairman

Please read the latest news and regulations on the resumption of angling here:


COVID-19 Carp Fishing Regulations