Following our acquisition of the fishing rights at Waddock Farm in the Spring, we are now in a position to implement our long term plans for the venue.

Our priority was to assess the fishery, install predation control and secure licenses to stock all species. This has been achieved, with carp and rainbow trout now added to our stocking permits, enabling a new game water to be created along with more specimen carp ponds, silverfish and tench pools to ensure we cater for all angling tastes.

The committee have voted on a sizeable investment fund for the venue, which we are delighted to say includes a considerable grant from the EA’s Fishery Improvement Fund. This will pay for some clearance work, bank repairs, swim building and improved access (including platforms) on some of the lakes. We will also be commencing a substantial stocking programme to augment the fish reported over the previous six months. We appreciate that fishing has been tough at times this summer but we really couldn’t rush the stocking plans until all paperwork was finalised and the nature of each lake was better understood.

The only thing we don’t have in place is some manpower – this is where the members can make a huge difference! The terms of our EA grant stipulate the money they are providing must be spent within the next few months. With member’s help, 100% of this can go on improving the venue. The only other alternative will be to hire contractors and pay them their going rates, chipping away at the amount that will be available for materials and stock.

Obviously, the membership can play a huge part here, by volunteering for work parties and being involved from the outset in influencing how this superb venue can be developed to reach its full potential. This is such a rare opportunity for us to create something really special but we need help.

We want as many members as possible in board to get the work completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst creating the venue and environment YOU want to fish.

If you are willing and able to assist in any way, please message below or email our office at