The club are devastated to hear of the death of Budgie Price. Along with Trevor Harrop, Budgie established the Avon Roach Project which has transformed the fate of redfins throughout the Hampshire Avon. His passion and energy allowed many anglers to fulfill their dreams. His endless enthusiasm and will to overcome the obstacles life sent his way truly humbling. Above all, he was a wonderful man. We all owe him an immense amount of gratitude and will miss him dearly. We send love and condolences to his family and loved ones.

Trevor has paid the following eulogy,
“It is with immense sadness that I report the passing of Budgie Price – the bestest mate in the whole wide world and the other half of the Avon Roach Project.
After 10 days in intensive care, he sadly lost his battle at 1-00am on Monday 22nd August 2022, but even here not before delivering some ‘typical Budg’ moments to remember forever.
He was simply the greatest person I have ever had the privilege to know; made even more special by being able to call him my best mate. We had a connection few will experience; an empathy beyond words.
Despite his physical restrictions, he always found a way… from fishing, building the infrastructure of the roach project, right down to simply signing our books. He was one of the most creative people I have ever known. He’d get it in his head, then just use us lot to bang it all together… AWESOME!
The Avon Roach Project would far more likely have succeeded without me than him.
He battled more adversity than any ordinary man could stand in a lifetime and never bitched at any of it; just got on and conquered. He was truly inspirational to so, so many.
I don’t think that anyone who met or knew him could fail to be enriched by the experience; so just imagine what I got from 25 years…
I was honoured to be invited to spend some of his last hours with him and his amazing family, which I will cherish forever. Some of the most poignant and moving moments of my entire existence.
I loved him… He was my hero; and I told him so, even in this last week.
RIP Budgie Price – my soulmate and LEGEND!!!