All 3 pools will be closed on Holtwood on Saturday 18th September.

This is to allow for weed cutting to take place across the whole complex. Once this is completed we will be in a position to appraise stock levels within the complex. 

Netting is planned for the Autumn to remove a large number of the small silverfish that have exploded across the venue. We will also be examining the head of crucian present, assessing their breeding activity and growth rates. The aim is to assist them to grow on by freeing up biomass from removing a lot of the stunted roach present. 

To effectively do this we first need to remove much of the problematic weed within the pools. Once this has been completed we will keep you updated of other dates that this work will occur on.

Many thanks for your patience in what is a very busy time for project work across our portfolio of stillwaters.