To all anglers that fish Hucklesbrook, as you may or may not be aware over the last couple of years the club has introduced between 30 to 40 Mirror carp at C3 grade into Hucklesbrook. This basically means fish which are 3 summers old.
This was done to increase the stock and to hopefully get some young fish to grow on for all our enjoyment. The lake was netted by professionals with the aim to find out what our stock levels were.
The club now has this information and have quite rightly acted on it to increase our carp stocks. What we would like you to do is send your photos of all mirror carp with their weights to me at along with all photo’s of common carp over 20lb. These photos will be put on a club data base for committee records only, so we can monitor growth as we have a feeding program with pellet recommendations from a well established fish farmer.
Can I please reassure you that under no circumstance will I or any of the committee members put your photos on the website or Facebook.
This information is for our own records so we can continue to improve your club, and your help will be greatly welcomed.
Your help could have you fishing for 30s and 40s in a few years so well worth the effort.
Good luck to you all in the coming season and many thanks for your help.
Ian Stone
Carp Secretary