We pride ourselves on the accessibility of our waters. However, in the current circumstances we are introducing some temporary restrictions on access to our waters by non-members.

These are all designed to reduce footfall on our waters, prioritise the needs of our members and keep safe everybody within the club. Full and short term membership is available to new applicants with monthly payment options making full membership just £15 a month for 12 months.

Day Tickets


All day tickets are suspended and will remain so for at least 3 months. No day tickets will be available for Winkton for the duration of the 2020/21 season. The availability of tickets for our remaining day ticket waters will be reviewed in August 

Non-Angling Guests


Where a member has a non-angling guest on their membership they can still accompany the member providing they live in the same household. One day NAG tickets are currently suspended, nor can a guest from a different household accompany a memebr at this time

Exchange Books


All exchange books are currently suspended. Members cannot use books held by CAC on other club’s waters, nor can any member of a club holding our books access CAC waters
Holtwood Pools Crucian

Guest Tickets


We appreciate that taking a guest to fish one of our waters is a much-loved benefit for many of our members. However, given the busy nature of our venues at present, the government’s social distancing protocols and our desire to keep our fisheries as sparsely populated and safe as possible all guest tickets are currently suspended. We envisage this being in place for at least 3 months but will review it monthly. 
Redbrook River Avon



Memberships are available to buy online, in local tackle shops and by phoning our office directly. All payment methods (full or by monthly direct debit) are available to new and existing members. All memberships run for 12 months from the date of joining. All full members can add up to two under 14s to their membership free of charge

Holiday Memberships


Short term ‘holiday’ memberships are available to buy online, in local tackle shops and by phoning our office directly. These cover either 7 or 14 consecutive days and are available to all. Anyone buying a holiday membership who purchases a full membership within a month will have the cost of the short term membership decuted from the annual membership fee.