Round 1 Hucklesbrook (13th August 2020)

Thirteen members fished on the roadside bank through heavy storms. Catches were modest dominated by roach and small perch, with no sign of small carp or tench. One large carp was unfortunately lost at the net by Alan Snook. Winner on the day was the consistent Keith Baker (12lb 8oz) followed by Brian Reed (11lb 8oz) and third was Dave Perkins (7lb 9oz).

(Peg No./name/weight)

  1. Dave Perkins 7lb9oz
  2. Mike Gotobed 1lb 0oz
  3. Jon Bass 5lb 14oz
  4. John Reid 4lb 6oz
  5. Alan Bates 4lb 0oz
  6. Keith Rawling 4lb 2oz

(section break)

  1. Brian Reed 11lb 8oz
  2. Roy Deanus DNW
  3. Alan Snook 3lb 6oz
  4. Dave White 5lb 0oz
  5. Bob Morrison 2lb 6oz
  6. John Clayton 4lb 8oz
  7. Keith Baker 12lb 8oz


Round 2 Holtwood (27th August 2020)

The second of the three match Series saw members split between Shambles and Bascombes Pools. After a quiet start with light rain a major storm blew over with thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Thankfully the sun came out for the weigh-in. Jon Bass (14lb 10oz) was busy with mainly small rudd, Keith Baker (8lb 10oz) had top weight on Shambles, which included some crucians and now has a perfect score of two section wins to lead up to the final match. Mike Gotobed (7lb 8oz) was third with two bonus tench, roach and rudd. 



  1. Brian Reed 4lb 12oz
  2. Alan Bates 3lb 4oz
  3. Alan Snook 3lb 12oz
  4. John Reid 1lb 4oz
  5. Roy Deanus 3lb 9oz
  6. Keith Baker 8lb 10oz
  7. Bob Morrison 3lb 0oz


  1. Kevin Perkins 2lb 2oz
  2. Keith Rawling 3lb 6oz
  3. Dave Perkins 3lb 8oz
  4. Mike Gotobed 7lb 8oz
  5. Jon Bass 14lb 10oz
  6. Dave White 6lb 2oz

Round 3 Wedgehill (10th September 2020)

Twelve members attended the final match of the Series on the middle pond, which had provided a big contrast in fishing styles between the venues. Following spectacular storms during the earlier matches this time the weather was kind with warm hazy sunshine and no wind. In B section Alan Snook had top weight (67lb 2oz) on the day and second next to him was Dave Perkins (55lb 10oz), both taking carp mainly on the feeder during spells throughout the match. Section A was won by Dave White (43lb 0oz) with Jon Bass (27lb 2oz) second.


Overall Results

Series Winner was Jon Bass with a section win and two seconds (5 points). Dave Perkins was Runner-up with a section first, second and fourth placings (7 points), tying with Keith Baker and Dave White on points but with a bigger aggregate weight over the Series. Members taking part thank the Committee for allowing the Series to take place under suitable COVID-19 precautions and particularly Dave Perkins and Dave White for organising and running the events.

Section Placings through the Series


Keith Baker – 1/1/5

Jon Bass – 2/1/2

Alan Bates – 5/5/10

John Clayton – 4/10/10

Roy Deanus – 10/4/4

Mike Gotobed – 6/2/3

Bob Morrison – 6/6/3

Dave Perkins – 1/4/2

Kevin Perkins – 10/6/5

Keith Rawlings – 4/5/4

Brian Read – 2/2/10

John Reed – 3/7/5

Alan Snook – 5/3/1

Dave White – 3/3/1