Earlier this season we decided to cap the number of Season Night Permits available to members. This was to ensure those purchasing them could always access the waters they wanted to fish without them being busy or fully booked.

We control the number of members night fishing our waters with our booking system which guarantees any member booking a night ticket (either paying for a single night as non-night permit holding member or simply booking on as a member with the night permit) that they have a choice of swims on arrival at their chosen venue.

We have at least 33 pegs available for night fishing across 3 venues totalling almost 75 acres every day of the year. We have capped our Season Night Permit holders at 220, meaning 15% of SNP holders can night fish simultaneously. The number of night permit holders also makes up approximately 15% of the current membership.

Typically, we operate at around 35-50% capacity on average from March – October, higher at weekends and lower throughout the week. We pride ourselves on our waters not being crowded and members having a relaxed, enjoyable experience when night fishing.

As it stands, we currently have 19 night permits available for members to purchase. These cost £150 for 12 months and can be worked out pro-rata to align with your renewal date. The cost can be added to the monthly payment scheme we offer, making unlimited night fishing on our waters (on a 5 on 2 off basis) available for just £12.50 a month.

To purchase a Season Night Permit (which includes the use of a 3rd rod on Hucklesbrook and Spinnaker Lakes) simply call our office on 01202 480009.