*update 2nd June*

Fish are now spawning at both Sinnaker Lake and Ibsley Pools.
As such, both venues have joined Hucklesbrook Lake & Wedgehill Ponds in being closed with immediate effect.
We will keep you updated in regard to reopening dates.

As has been policy for previous seasons, the club are closing waters whilst fish are spawning. At present, Hucklesbrook Lake and Wedgehill Ponds are currently closed.

Hucklesbrook Lake closed on Saturday 29th May and will remain closed for between 7-14 days. We will update in due course and be dictated to purely by the activities taking place.

The water has been very busy so far this year so this period will be used to carry out important maintenance. All paths and swims will be mowed, all branches and snags that have been deposited in the venue by the wet and windy weather of previous months will be cleared. This work is very difficult to conduct whilst anglers are present and will make fishing throughout the summer much easier and safer for the fish and other wildlife.

Wedgehill Ponds was closed on Sunday 30th May. Again, we will monitor the activities of the fish and open as soon as it is safe to do so.

Obviously, we accept that this may hinder many member’s plans and the closed list may grow depending on what occurs on our other still waters. We hope that all members appreciate that safeguarding fish stocks is paramount and acknowledge that the use of short, dynamic closures is preferable to the old 3 month closed season that all fisheries followed in the past.

Thanks for your patience and support.