We would like to thank all the members who discussed and voted on the proposed regulation changes put forward by their fellow members regarding numerous fish care issues. We have collated all the votes cast online, in person and at local tackle shops – the results are below.

1. Proposal: that keepnets be banned on all club waters, except during authorised matches.

Yes votes: 114 No votes: 111

2. Proposal: That the use of live fish as bait be banned on all Club waters.

Yes votes: 71 No votes: 158

3. Proposal: That bait boats be allowed on Spinnaker Lake.

Yes votes: 87 No votes: 136

4. Proposal: That All Members when fishing Hucklesbrook & Spinnaker Lakes be in possession of a 42in landing net.

Yes votes: 69 No votes: 148

5. Proposal: That all members when fishing Hucklesbrook Lake, Spinnaker Lake & Ibsley Pools be in possession of a walled unhooking mat or cradle, not simply a flat mat.

Yes votes: 69 No votes: 159

As a result, the use of all keepnets on club waters (except during official matches) will be prohibited from the 24/25 season. All other regulations remain unaltered.